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The Law Office of Stephen G. Bongolan, P.A., prides itself of offering a pro-active, quality and extensive legal service focusing on U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Law. It is conveniently located in Orlando, FL opening its doors to serve and welcome whomever that knocks and seek legal assistance. The extent of its immigration law practice is not limited in jurisdiction of Florida but covers all the states of the U.S.

With the vision to provide legal assistance to fellow immigrants on their Immigration-related cases or concerns, founding lawyer Stephen G. Bongolan culled from first-hand experience and personal knowledge of the process, having experienced personally the same process and scrutiny, is expected to be adeptly acquainted with the intricate and complex laws of Immigration and Naturalization process.

Atty. Bongolan shares the aspiration of every immigrant to settle and live peaceably in the country which they have considered their home. Armed with their fair hopes and dreams, immigrants are considered partners in nation building. With highly exceptional professional judgment and with the unique ability to innovate, we expect to deliver tailor-made solutions to client’s specific needs.

Our commitment to the client is to pursue your cherished American Dream. So come and let us realize your dream.

Stephen Bongolan

Stephen Bongolan

Immigration Lawyer

Stephen Gallardo Bongolan, Esq. is a zealous and competent lawyer on his chosen field of U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Law. His passion on this field of Law is mainly due to his being an Immigrant himself- he is a Filipino who migrated here in the U.S.A., an immigrant who shares and feels the common sentiments, experiences and dreams of fellow immigrants.

His passion and strong interest in the law might have been influenced by his father, a well-respected trial attorney before becoming a judge in the Philippines. In fact, he belongs to a family of lawyers as his grandfather has been also a reputable lawyer and legislator during his lifetime. Thus, law to him is a very familiar thing and may be ingrained in his veins.

He is a member of the New York Bar. Modesty aside, he took and passed the NY Bar exam on his first take. This is without mentioning that he did it merely by self-review, without attending any U.S. Law School or even a Bar Review Center.

Prior to becoming a New York lawyer, he was a practicing lawyer in the Philippines in the areas of Criminal, Civil, and Labor Laws. He is the product of two law schools, San Beda College of Law and Arellano University School of Law where he graduated in 2004, topping 4 of the 8 Bar Review subjects in his class.

Like the NY bar exam, he hurdled the Philippine Bar exam touted as the hardest professional licensure exam in the Philippines on his first try. His passion with the law is exemplified by his decision to hone his skills and earn expertise in his chosen field by undergoing apprenticeship in a New York Immigration Law Office, before embarking in his solo practice. Currently, he handles a number of Immigration cases. With his work ethic and diligence, he has provided his clients satisfaction, which he considers as the one which fuels his burning desire to continue his practice.

Aside from having a Bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB), he is also a degree holder of a Bachelor of Arts major in Economics conferred by the University of Santo Tomas, the oldest university in the Philippines.

Though his U.S. license to practice law is with New York, he decided to live in Orlando, Florida and there put up his own Immigration Law practice. Providentially, Immigration law is a Federal law, hence, he can practice it in Florida or in any state and can accept clients wherever state they are located.


New York Bar

Philippine Bar

American Immigration Lawyers Association


Adjustment of Status

Battered Spouses and Children

Change of Status

Conditional Residence

Consular Processing

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

Employment-based visas

Extension of Stay

Family-based visas

Fiancé Visas

Freedom of Information Act

Humanitarian Parole

Investment Visas


Religious worker

Student visas

TN visas

Work Authorization

“There was a time that I didn’t know what to do with my immigration papers. It took me a lot of time to really understand it. Thanks to Atty. Stephen Bongolan he helped me a great deal. His approach of helping others is completely phenomenal! He is always there when you have a doubt of something and helps to understand everything. For me, he is a great lawyer because he understands your need. I never felt alone during the entire process of my immigration. He approached me like a family until everything was settled perfectly. I am confident to share his service to all my friends and family. Again, thanks to Atty. Bongolan and for his great service!”

– Dominico A. Belarmino Jr. 

“Atty. Stephen Bongolan was very helpful when I needed his help. He made sure that everything is ready and easy for you. He gives you every detail of every plan and of every action that needs to be done. He is very flexible with everything. He works according to your needs and makes it a point to prioritize you. I will highly recommend him, in fact, I have recommended him to some of my friends who needs a lawyer.”

 – Lorenzo Bruce Pacia Torres

“Atty. Bongolan assisted me with obtaining US permanent residency. I spoke with him about my situation and he immediately got to work on gathering all of the information and paperwork that needed to be completed. It was submitted soon after, and I am happy to say that I am now a US permanent resident. Atty. Bongolan is extremely kind, helpful, and knowledgeable about his craft. He was able to answer my questions quickly and confidently, and made the entire process seamless. He accompanied me to my interview and helped relieve my apprehensions. He is flexible and very easy to contact and communicate with. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking legal assistance!”

 – Estrella Yap

“Me and my husband were in need of a professional Immigration attorney whom we could trust. Good we found Atty. Stephen Bongolan thru a friend. Unlike our previous lawyer who misled us with wrong advice, Atty. Stephen gave us the correct information that made us comfortable to proceed. He spent a lot of time reviewing our situation and a short while after took on our situation. We thank God we trusted Atty. Stephen as he works with a heart. He was comforting and we felt completely confident with his guidance. Now I am a permanent resident of the USA and am working. Thanks to Atty. Stephen for his help. With our personal experience of his competence and dedication to his work, we highly recommend him.”

– Donna Reynolds

“I have a short story to share with you. Almost 4 years ago, I met the woman of my dreams fell in love and flew to Hong Kong to marry her. Once I returned back to the United states I had to figure out how to get my wife here. I spoke with a few friends and one of my friends referred me to Stephen Bongolan. He is simply  Amazing, Stephen  was always there to answer any and all questions that i or my wife  may have, He would coordinate a time so that my wife could talk to him and make himself available to accommodate her with her work schedule .I cannot thank him enough  for all his hard work in bringing  my wife here.
Thank you so so much Stephen for all you have done for us .You are an Awesome Person and lawyer.To those that may read this if you have a loved one that needs a good Lawyer then keep moving  because Stephen is a GREAT LAWYER . and the one you truly need to help get your loved one the help they need”


Eternally Grateful
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